Srdan Golubović


1993 – Prologue
War in Bosnia. Serbian soldier Marko, while sitting in a café with a friend, sees three soldiers hitting a Muslim civilian Haris. Marko interferes and saves Haris who runs away, and three soldiers beat Marko to death.

Marko’s father Ranko is reconstructing a church near the town. Young man comes asking for job. He is son of one of the three soldiers. Ranko rejects him, but he is persistent. They develop a strange relationship. Ranko is hard towards the young man, but he is fighting his personal psychological battle with the hard old man. Ranko will have to overcome the urge for revenge, to learn forgiveness…

In Belgrade, Nebojsa, (Marko’s friend from a cafe) is a leading heart surgeon. A patient is brought to him after a car accident. It is the leader of the three soldiers. Nebojsa interrogates him to see if he feels any guilt, but he doesn’t. Nebojsa refuses to operate him, patient accuses Nebojsa that he himself feels guilt because he didn’t get up to help Marko. Nebojsa operates him, saves his life. Nebojsa will have to learn that there is no solution for his own feeling of guilt and remorse…

In Germany, Haris the saved man, is settled and has a family. But he gives shelter and protection to Nada, (Marko’s girlfriend in the past) who fled with her son from a criminal husband who is beating her. Her husband comes after her, and threatens Haris and his family. Haris won’t give Nada away, so his own family falls apart. Haris manages to protect Nada and her son. In order to give her a chance for a new life, he is ready for any sacrifice…

director's statement

director's comment
The story is about consequences of a heroic act. Is heroic act meaningless, or it provokes certain moral acts in the future?
Does being a hero make any sense?
Does an act of heroism and humanity leave a positive mark and inspire us to do good?
Is being a hero the same as being a fool?
Is a life that is lost defending another human life like a stone cast into an abyss?
Circles is a film about people whose lives are changed by a single event, about shadows of the past and the need to step out of these shadows, about frustration by heroism.
Circles is a film about guilt, about whether it is only the ones who committed the crime who are guilty, or whether it’s also those who witnessed the crime and failed to prevent it.

The film is inspired by true event. The contemporary storylines are interwoven.

Srdan Golubović


Emilie Georges
executive producer
Igor Kecman
director of photography
music by
Mario Schneider
production designer
Goran Joksimović
costume designer
Ljiljana Petrović
make up artist
Frederique Ney
sound designer


Leon Lučev
Nebojša Glogovac
Nikola Rakočević
Aleksandar Berček
Hristina Popović
Boris Isaković
Vuk Kostić
Marko Janketić
Geno Lechner
Jasna Đuričić


Film format 
ArriCam 35mm 
Video format 
DCP / 35mm 
Lenght 24fps 
112'28'', 3065m 
Length 25fps 
Dolby Digital SR-D 5.1 
aspect ratio 
srbski, bosanski, deutsche 
slovenski, english 

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